Terms and Conditions

1. Duration

These terms and conditions apply to the entire period of the storage contract.

2. Termination of Agreement

2.1  For the termination of this agreement all goods must be removed and the area be left clean and undamaged or modified.

2.2  Should debris of any kind be left then a charge will be made for its disposal.

2.3  If there is an infringement of clause 2.1 then a reasonable charge will be made for any work carried out.

2.4  The area will remain the responsibility of the client until it is returned to its original condition and the fees will continue until     that time.

3. Charges, Fees and Payments

3.1     Upon signing the agreement the client agrees to pay one month in advance and a deposit equivalent to 50% of one month.

3.1A The client agrees to pay all subsequent fees monthly in advance by cleared funds.

3.2     Storage in Loughborough Ltd will send monthly invoices to the contact address supplied, these are a reminder ONLY.

3.2A The client agrees that payment is due as stated in 3.1A whether they receive an invoice or not.

3.3    The minimum period of storage is one month and any period of storage is calculated as full months. On termination of the agreement the deposit will be returned to the client within twenty-one days subject to any charges related to clauses 2.2 and 2.3.

3.4    If any sum payable under this agreement is not paid by the due date then Storage in Loughborough will:

3.4A  Impose a surcharge for any invoice that is not paid by the due date.

 3.4B Refuse access to our facility.

 3.4C Notify the client of the breach of this clause.

3.4D Storage in Loughborough Ltd will send correspondence relating to 3.4A, 3.4B and 3.4C to the contact details supplied by the client. The client agrees that Loughborough Storage Ltd will have satisfied clause 3.4C by posting a letter, leaving a telephone message, sending a text message or via email.

3.5  If payment is still not received Storage in Loughborough reserve the right, at our discretion to:

 3.5A Seize any or all of the goods.

  3.5B Dispose of any unsaleable goods, the cost of the disposal will remain the responsibility of the client.

3.6 Upon selling or disposal of the goods, the proceeds of the sale (less any reasonable costs) and the costs of disposal will be added to the client's account. Should this accumulate excess on the account then the balance will be returned to the client. If there remains a deficit then the client will remain responsible for the outstanding debt, which we will take legal action to recover.

3.7 Should the client be in breach of this contract and Storage in Loughborough has served all the listed notifications, then upon the client paying the outstanding monies the removal notices will be deemed to have been served. However, should the client become in breach of contract in any future period those notices will be deemed to have been served and Storage in Loughborough will not be required to serve them again prior to removal of goods.

4. Suitability of Storage Areas

4.1 It is the client’s responsibility to assess the suitability of the storage area for the goods to be stored and to review that suitability from time to time. Storage in Loughborough Ltd accept no responsibility for assessing the suitability of areas and give no guarantees implied or otherwise to this effect.

5. Insurance

Storage in Loughborough Ltd does not insure client’s property. The client agrees to insure their property for all risks and agrees not to hold Storage in Loughborough Ltd responsible for the property due to any risk whatsoever.

6. The use of Storage Areas

6.1  The client may use the storage area to store goods in accordance with this agreement until its termination.

6.2  The client may access their storage unit for any purpose during the opening hours of Storage in Loughborough Ltd, these are clearly displayed at our facility. Please be aware that the opening hours may change from time to time and the client agrees not to hold Storage in Loughborough Ltd responsible for any costs or consequential losses due to the facility not being open at the displayed times.

6.3  Only the client and persons accompanied by the client will be allowed access to the area without prior agreement.

6.4  Storage in Loughborough Ltd will provide a personal identity number to each client and the client will provide a padlock (where applicable) for the storage area. Any authorised (by agreement) person must be in possession of the following: A The key, B The pin number, C Personal identification, prior to being allowed access.

6.5 We may refuse any person at any time from entering into our facility if we consider, at our reasonable discretion, that to do so would adversely affect the safety and security of any persons or property at our facility.

6.6 It is the responsibility of the client or any person authorised by them to ensure that the area (where applicable) is locked securely after access.

6.7 The client agrees NOT to store or bring to our facility any of the following prohibited goods:

 6.7A Firearms, explosives (or their components) weapons or ammunition.

6.7B Combustible or flammable materials: including but not exclusively, paint, petrol, gas, or solvents.

6.7C Chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents and corrosive materials.

6.7D Waste of any kind.

6.7 E Toxic materials i.e. asbestos or any material of a potentially dangerous nature to health and safety or the environment.

6.7F Food or perishable goods.

6.7G Any living creature or plants

6.7H Compressed gases or empty cylinders.

6.7I Cash and securities.

6.7J Any illegal substances or illegal items

6.7K Goods which have been obtained illegally.

6.7L Any item that may create a noise or smell or which may leak out of the area.

6.7M Any goods for which the client does not have the legal right to be in possession of and / or to store on behalf of the owner.

6.7N Any goods that may cause risk to the health and safety of others.

The client agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Storage in Loughborough Ltd against any costs, claims of expenses of any amount relating to the storage of goods listed as prohibited.

6.8 The client agrees to use the areas for the sole purpose of storing goods and not to alter or modify the area in any way ie: by fixing to it, painting it, defacing it etc.

6.9 The client agrees that vehicles are brought on to site entirely at their own risk.

7.Right of Access

7. Storage in Loughborough Ltd reserve the right to gain access to the area and its contents which may include breaking any locks if;

7.1A We have reason to believe that the area contains items described in clause 6

7.1B Requested to do so by the Police, Fire Service, Official Government Body or Court Order.

7.1C In accordance with clause 3 with reference to non payment.

7.1D In an emergency likely to cause injury to persons or property.

7.1E A danger to the environment.

8 Health and Safety

8.1The client agrees, if required, to sign in and out when visiting our facility.

8.2 The client agrees to ensure that themselves and any guest or authorised person takes every reasonable care to ensure the health and safety of other people and the safety of goods and property when at our facility.

8.3 The client agrees to stay within the access areas provided and comply with the reasonable directions of our staff.

8.4 The client agrees to read and comply with any health and safety related signage in and around our facility.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1 The only information we will collect about the client is on the registration form, this will be stored in a safe place and only accessed by our staff.

9.2 The information provided will not be entered on any computer and will not be used to contact you for any other reason than those directly connected with your storage agreement.

9.3 Invoices will be stored on computers but will not be shared with any other body.

9.4 You may ask to see your registration form at any time by calling into our office and providing proof of identity

9.5 You may remove the form from our possession when you terminate the storage agreement and all monies outstanding have been settled.

10. Personal and Contact Information

10.1 The contact details that Storage in Loughborough Ltd holds for the client are those given on the registration document. Those addresses and telephone numbers will be used for all contact in pursuit of the various clauses of this agreement. It is the client’s responsibility to keep Storage in Loughborough informed of any changes in their contact details and to obtain confirmation from Storage in Loughborough that this information has been received.

10.2 The client will not hold Storage in Loughborough Ltd responsible in any way for the lack of contact in any matter if Storage in Loughborough Ltd was not furnished with up to date contact details.

11. Abuse and Unreasonable Behaviour

11.1. Perceived physical and/or verbal abuse and/or intimidation of Storage in Loughborough Ltd’s staff will not be tolerated.

11.2. Customers who are believed to have carried out any of the offences named in 11.1 will be required to remove their items from Storage in Loughborough Ltd’s premises within 24 hours of the incident and their contract terminated.

11.3. Should the customer’s items not be removed within the 24 hours period, Storage in Loughborough Ltd reserves the right to dispose of all items belonging to said customer in the same manner as listed in clause 3 and their contract terminated.

12. Variations

12.1 Storage in Loughborough Ltd does not authorise any of its employees to vary or alter these terms and conditions. No statement by any employee can be taken as implied or otherwise to vary this agreement.

13 Law

13.1. These terms and conditions shall be constructed according to and governed by the law of England and Wales and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts

13.2. This agreement does not affect the client’s statutory rights.

13.3 If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be void or unenforceable then that part of the terms and agreement shall be removed whilst the remainder of the terms and conditions shall continue to apply.

14. General

14.1  These terms and conditions and the contract of agreement do not create or imply a lease, tenancy or any similar agreement.

14.2  These terms and conditions and the contract of agreement are between Storage in Loughborough Ltd and the client and are not transferable.