Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Do I need to insure my goods that are in storage with you?

A.    Yes you do, Storage in Loughborough Ltd. does not insure your goods and we strongly recommend that you take out adequate insurance to cover your goods whilst in storage. Your own home insurance company may be the most economical way of doing this, however, we have a working partnership with Insurastore who will be pleased to provide the necessary insurance at a low cost. We do not receive any commission from Insurastore.

Q.   What access can I have to my own goods when they are stored with you and are there any charges for access?

A.   Outdoor containers can be accessed 24/7 and indoor containers can be accessed any time during our opening hours and as often as you like. There is no charge or restrictions to the amount of time or times you visit your self- storage unit.

Q. Prices can often be confusing and special offers just seem to make them more so, why is this?

A. We agree, other price structures can be very confusing but at Storage in Loughborough Ltd. we do not inflate prices so that we can give special offers. We have just one price per unit that is a best value price with no small print and no extras.

Q. How much notice do I have to give before I can remove my goods?

A.  At Storage in Loughborough Ltd. you can remove your goods at any time during our opening hours without notice.

Q. What is the shortest and longest time I can rent a unit?

A. At Storage in Loughborough Ltd. the minimum period is one month and there is no maximum, you are welcome to stay as long as you need.

Q. If the minimum is one month, do I have to leave my goods in store for a whole month?

A. No you don’t, you can remove your goods whenever you like but there is a minimum charge of one month.

Q. I am not sure what size unit I need and what happens if my requirements change and I need a larger or smaller unit?

A. At Storage in Loughborough Ltd. you can change up or down in size at any time without any penalties.